BrokenNotes 🎶

I can feel it/

Even heard a shard hit the bottom.

It’s breaking/

Breaks each more everyday

No longer filled with toxic hate

For self

For – it

Each time I have to move,


Break off bits of me bit by bit

Remould- reshape

Repackage myself

For the next step

For the next pay

For the next track

I heard it –

It was a much bigger chunk today

Everyone’s been asking why I don’t seem excited anymore these days

I’ve lost it

And I’ll never get it back

It was mine to love and nurture and cherish

Now it’s become to big for my love

I heard it break

The last pieces of my heart

As I watched myself throw away my love for my one true passion

It’s gone.

I won’t stop

I cannot

Too many people look up to me and count on me

To make them believe all will be alright

I cannot cry anymore

It made us fight

I cannot complain anymore

Or I lose my second love in life

I can feel it

The last thread of it left


Like a Phoenix my heart will return

Bigger and bright.

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