All i did.

Screaming. Shrieking. Frantically running to and fro   No one heard No one suspected a thing Except those who weren't immediately in front of me.   The habits all the same symptoms I hold on for the journey.   HELP! No one could. Who can save you from yourself other than the I am? How … Continue reading All i did.

If I am honest with myself…

I didn't push music cause I was scared Cause life had dealt me so many shitty cards I had been on the brink of giving up. I didn't know what I'd do with my life if it weren't for music. The passion it brings me I want to forget everything except it when I'm in … Continue reading If I am honest with myself…

Space in time

I didn't stop to question What the sky and clouds thought Of the way I looked today I didn't stop to ask the Flowers whose shade I replicate upon my lips, If they don't mind My appropriating their Colour culture Didn't pause the slowing river To ask if maybe I Chose the right way to … Continue reading Space in time


Do I pay attention to him? Or do I only seek attention from him? Do I say thank you? Or do I show my appreciation In a way he actually appreciates? Do I listen to him? By hearing the words he says? Or do I, Listen by taking in all considerations and see the base … Continue reading Acknowledge

I . n s p i r e y o u

Let me inspire you... May my lips trail your cerebral cortex Leaving trails of light energy Passing forth the truth and the unconditional love That exists from the unity force within... Let me inspire you To inspire me Continue to make the music that transcends our beings When our bodies meet in this time and … Continue reading I . n s p i r e y o u


Water is not always patient Water is not always kind Water is not always gentle She is no one size She is no one place She is not out or within Not all water flows To desirous places Water, stagnant Is to be afraid of Unless otherwise given Healing...

BrokenNotes 🎶

I can feel it/ Even heard a shard hit the bottom. It’s breaking/ Breaks each more everyday No longer filled with toxic hate For self For - it Each time I have to move, Extended Break off bits of me bit by bit Remould- reshape Repackage myself For the next step For the next pay … Continue reading BrokenNotes 🎶

Dreams of Home

As I dream of Heat Sun baked sands Warm waters of aquamarine Doobies the size of Cuban cigars Banter Rum No chaser I walk through streets that have seen Subzero temperature My veins are frozen , My hands are never warm , My ears sting from the numb As I dream of Junkanoo Conch salad … Continue reading Dreams of Home

Caged by choice or otherwise…

A bird caged by choice Differs from that of one Born into captivity or Captured by force... Aims to spread wings Yet, Crumbs offered Flight cancelled - no, delayed Surely bird will fly again... surely bird will fly again What about love? What about companionship? What about it? What about freedom, And high flight miles? … Continue reading Caged by choice or otherwise…