“I wanted to create…
something thematic.”

Textures - Chelsea Blues
D E B U T  A L B U M

I wanted to create an experience with music, something thematic. It’s under 15 minutes long featuring 7 tracks. It was an artistic choice to leave the beats to their original lengths as I met them, and create a wonderfully digestible piece.

The intro and outro are two of the same yet are presented as different moments. ‘Blue Intro’ began with our hunt for texture-based samples for the experience effect. We heard a winner and I got on the mic and began freestyling as a joke – we played it back and we all were like, ‘this is actually so amazing – let’s keep it as is!’ When the vocals were done and we got back the trumpet samples from my friend Hutchie, back home (Bahamas), ‘Outro Song’ was born, which, like Interlude, is actually an instrumental.

‘Simple Life’ and ‘Waves’ are dedications to my motherland. ‘Simple Life’ speaks out on the socio-political issues that my people face every day. This is my call to my people to wake up. ‘Waves’, on the other hand, is dedicated to the more easygoing, beach night fun my peers and I turn to – as our own escape from what others perceive to be paradise. 

Haha, ‘La Playa’ is dedicated to bae. That’s all there is to say. 

‘Goddess to Girl (G2G)’ was originally a poem that I wrote in 2012 as a reminder to myself. I re-wrote it and dedicated this track to my niece Isabella and baby sister Renee. These are the next generations of women, and they need to know that I am someone whose shoulders they can stand on, to reach for whatever their hearts desire.