Do I pay attention to him? Or do I only seek attention from him? Do I say thank you? Or do I show my appreciation In a way he actually appreciates? Do I listen to him? By hearing the words he says? Or do I, Listen by taking in all considerations and see the base … Continue reading Acknowledge

For you alone…

Change mind Change stride Change you For you alone.

o p e n [ p g 1 3]

When you said, You wanted me to be open, Did you mean, Just on your bed with legs wide Spread Eagle in your bed? Open,   Like the web page you made but never finished.... Just sits there unlooked at... Or did you mean like, open in telling you the honest-to-goddess truth? Open like heart-to-heart, … Continue reading o p e n [ p g 1 3]

Trip Down Memory Lane

With the arrival of my second poetry book In The Mind of A Psycho Goddess on the dawn, I started thinking of all the places that have helped me grow into the artist I am today. Today's trip down memory lane is my first open mic in the UK that was at Poetic Essence in Birmingham … Continue reading Trip Down Memory Lane

Still Scrubbing

Painfully I work with any soap and cloth Trying to rid myself of the regret The bitter tastes left in my mouth Restore the tears lost in transit Find a scalpel to help remove The scales that are old and worn and used Used I have let in those undeserving Unworthy of me Me My … Continue reading Still Scrubbing

You Should Know…

You asked why I allowed you to touch me,I couldn't find a reason That didn't sound Lathered,With lyrics from the maple syrup sweet rapper,or extracted from the leaflets of a sparked nickle...Being in your company is the most natural thing to meAnd I don't have to explain myselfNo I'm not expectingThe life you've inspired into existence To halt and … Continue reading You Should Know…

Survivor To Survivor

SittingStaring into your eyes...Open your soul wideTouch you, inside beyond the facadeOf caring and instituted lawsYour imagination roarsWild and free to be at one with meIt's too personal you seeThis intimate space still feels Too public for the strangelyFamiliar intimacyVerbOngoingI blush at the Brashness of this invisible Intimate touchI laugh and jokeMentally, I am prisoner of egoErgoI work … Continue reading Survivor To Survivor