Heya Lovely Bloggers and  Loyal Followers!! Keep a beautiful eye out for my next poetry book COMING SOON to an Amazon.com near you. Should be out before the year is out - will keep you updated on the progress. I am also working to get printing sorted for the first book '2014=7' so -my lovely … Continue reading UPDATE!!

To You

I wrote a love letter today It was addressed to you Then as I went to post it Something got in my way I decided to tear it up Burn it/ Throw it away? Why am I writing, What you should already know... Why am I just not showing Keep the talking to a minimum … Continue reading To You

Poetic Waves

It's been a while  Since... I've had inspiration  That spark that made my mind burst  And made me  Combust Words all over this paper. Caressing questions  That urge me on  To think  To Enlightenment  To open Wide My eyes and see And remember that  First time... I ever  Blew out a sigh  And challenged the … Continue reading Poetic Waves

Over -Thoughts

It was my over infatuation, The instant feel, It was the excitement and life... Coursing through my veins. This high, This euphoria, This feeling of infinite power and embodiment, Of a once forgotten immortal energy... Savouring it, but not to the last drop... My fear of others' chastisement and words of judgment on my choice... Craving … Continue reading Over -Thoughts

Poetic Comeback

Sitting on the edge of my chair.Hairs on the back of my neck raised.AdrenalineRushDopamine and Serotonin levelsChangeRapidlyI stare upAt youIn awe...SuspenseTrailing across my skinAnticipationHope...You meet me Halfway - I am already there WaitingYou kiss me with such PassionI am weak Unable to think past"Keep Going..."You pull awayLeaving me breathlessAnd the good bye has been said Before it's even parted your lipsGood … Continue reading Poetic Comeback

Fashion Show: The Outcome

You better work, bitch! - RuPaul Friday, Feb 28th 2014, was TETV's fashion show in support of the ACLT (Afro-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) and I was proudly apart of the event. Modelling for: && Star photo from the event thus far: Photographer: Deborah Adelabu Photogrpahy MORE TO COME!

Young Poet Releases First Book

Young Poet Releases First Book Media coverage from The Freeport News, The Bahamas.

Double Decker Pleasure

Horizontal to the various lines of personalities Clustered on the top story Of the red canned box, Becoming concious of the tight of the Jeans that hold onto The sensitive pearl Its been a while... Within seconds I try to hold back The waves of immersion As I hold back this ship On the brink … Continue reading Double Decker Pleasure