If I am honest with myself…

I didn’t push music cause I was scared
Cause life had dealt me so many shitty cards I had been on the brink of giving up.

I didn’t know what I’d do with my life if it weren’t for music.
The passion it brings me

I want to forget everything except it when I’m in it.

The joy it brings me, makes me forget the pain of being low.
But I was actually terrified.
What ifs spun around my head.

I couldn’t eat

I’d truly lost my appetite

I found sleeping a task to do.

Upset my body won’t just keep on.
I settled for the right nows
Lost myself in a world of fake happiness

Until real happiness found me in the shape of myself

Then I was blessed with him to find happiness alongside.

Then I was forced to really tread through the dark sides of myself

To reassess…
Keep music in safe distance

Or bite that shotgun and the shooter

And do what I was created to-

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