More Self & Love

It must look effortless to some, and one big mess to others.

This dream must sound as crazy as I come across sometimes.

I did it all to show my fellow youth, my fellow artists, my fellow Bahamians and all else alike; my fellow women – if I can so can you!

I failed uni, barely made it out of IB and high school, I moved curriculum and country bi-yearly…

I suffered being considered white enough for white privilege into motherland yet dark enough for double-the-effort-to-gain-an-inch in my fatherland, I was told in grade six that my ‘little pretty face’ alone wouldn’t get me far in life- I’d have to be and achieve for way more to make anything of myself. (Then IG came out haha tell my grade six self that now!)

Last year I couldn’t hold down a job to save my life – and BOI AYE did I need saving 😭😂😓

I admit I’ve missed, misjudged and abused my fair share of opportunities- yet there were those I didn’t second guess myself and flew to the sun as eagle 🦅 in victory flight…

#HeresToSelfLoveWeek where we learn to love and accept and hold ourselves through the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ in our views of ourselves.

Here’s to dreaming, believing, planning and being! ✨😂☺️✨ Thank you.