s h a m e s t o r m

And this is why I don’t let people in
I can let myself down –
I can deal with my own hot and cold –

On my own between myself and I …

To let others into this madness
I cannot.

I’ve lied enough to myself
That being so honest
And so open for so long
I feel as full of the air that passes posterior
While home alone

or with those I got just comfortable enough to let a few inches nearer than most.


I didn’t realise what I’d asked for.

I am feeling the negatives that plague
me with guilt for allowing another person
To get caught up in my gales…

I’d hadn’t intended to
rest awhile on your heart
flow freely and quickly past
as if a faint
remembrance –
of something you experienced but forgot –
when they who truly have the confidence
to stand and strong
come to rescue
your longing heart…

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