s t a r e s

So, what’s the purpose of staring

If you never intend to act upon

The many realms of thought

You’ve included me into?


How can your fantasies be played out;

Come to fruition;

If you never never say a word;

Secretly slip your number on a paper

and hand it to me before I walk off?



are you hoping I talk first?

That maybe I walk to you

And give you my paper w/

my number and then



Come true

of one kiss,

one night,

One lifetime?


If I’m waiting for you,

And you’re waiting for me

Then we’ll both leave waited fools 

With weighted rules

To not making the first nude –

Too afraid to bare ourselves

Then maybe it was worth the waited game;


Bare for me once

You can again, hopefully

Remain open

and vulnerable

and I for you

if only we took that one time, to be bare fools…

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