h o p e s

My heart sank

As you raised my body ,

Each passionate kiss,

And tidal wave

Surging through.

My heart sank even more.
I knew this was going to happen

And I ain’t no fool

I refuse to chase after anyone


Un – fortunately, this includes you.
I am already on a lifelong  chase,

And it includes myself,

A dream that is bigger than me; so I have to face it.
But you had been the perfect candidate –

I had higher hopes –

Well at least now I know

That I did have hopes…
With each fervour wave,

I counted each kiss as a goodbye,

Cause I know you’ll want me to explain –

Why I’ve disappeared

When you’ve done

‘Nothing at all…’

That’ll be the problem


You did nothing –

At all.


But I saw it coming –

Like feeling the winds change

Before a storm

It’s instinctive.

So no, I didn’t cry

No need to

I am not insecure

Besides, that last kiss was my goodbye.

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