m o o n l i t c h i l d r e n

No one’s falling in love.

Just falling into beds

Heads seek heads

And thoughts seek sobriety


There is a loyalty of sorts

Storytellers galore..

It’s all folklore

no one can face the light in the morning


Yesterday’s clothes

Stained with this mornings decisions


Very vibrant the residue of the heavy feeling before

The release of pressure


They say that’s just how it is

And don’t take one’s self so seriously…

Seriously.. .

No one’s falling in love,

Just falling into beds

While heads seek heads

And taste is sought

And biting is only approved outside of eating

We are too deep into

A forget the world it owes us more than we owe it

We take and rule the moon lit evenings…


Nothings ever been the same.

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