c o n t r a d i c t i o n

And since I can’t have you

The way I wanted to

Even though I didn’t want to

Or I didn’t think I could

I will write about you.


I will continue to write about you

Until the vision I had comes true.

Or until I turn blue

Lost in the arms of someone else

Singing if wanting you is bad

Then I don’t want to be right.


Cause I was using what was beating in my left

Only to be left.

With painted pictures

And biased syrup

That ate my heart out

To distance myself.


I should’ve ran that mile that my intuition led

but in my strong independence

I fell weak like prey sheep

To an ideal that didn’t make sense to me


Misery sure loves company.


I will pay for this with the tears that escape into my pillow at night

And the smiles I wear in the day time to make everyone else feel alright

And I will say that I don’t give a fuck

But I did

I still do

And maybe two could be a few more

Into eternity

And you could’ve enlightened me

In the way you looked for me to enlighten you

Cause we were never two looking for

Another to complete

Rather compliment

And the respect is lost

And the time is lost

And the drink that i shot for us is lost

And I wont drink again to us

Until there is an us to drink to




Isn’t it funny how easy it is to lose yourself in the tide…

I must not have a strong anchor,

Or the storm really did tip me over.


I cried for home.

But what good would the salt air be

If you weren’t there to

Dip your toes into the sand alongside me.



But I said I don’t love you.

And yet this connection is so true.

Maybe its still not love.


Yeah I fucked up.

I take that on

I take that in

I will move on from that fact eventually.

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