o u r  s o n g

Hey JudeRemember to let her into your heart 

Arms wrapped 

Hips meet and greet 

Hey Jude 

Remember to let her get under your skin 

Kisses and play bites 

The intention 

Is carnal

The vibe 

Feels right,

Right now 
Song ends 

Conversation continues 

Hey Jude 




Places that are otherwise 

In other times 

Far removed 
It’s cute 

Pressure is built 

Waters flowed
No space for expression of vibes 
Hey Jude 
Na- Na- Naa – Na Na Na Naa Na 
Hey Jude 
Did it ever get made better?

Kisses in the rain

Copped a feel

First impressions so ever lasting
Hey Jude . . .
Calls across waters 

Far and wide 

Left with beautiful imagery

And one song.

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