A. t h o u g h t . . . –

You know what’s frustrating? 

Living in a world where 

everybody basically tells you that 
you must go find out who you are on your own. 
But there are certain restrictions

 on what it actually means to be 


you can’t find love unless you love 

yourself first 

but your love must be of the 

hetorosexual nature

 or it’s wrong 

or clothing is a great way to express yourself 

but please dress appropriate to your gender of birth 

otherwise total strangers will 
or possibly spit hateful slurs at you. 

Oh and ladies cover up 
don’t give rapist an excuse to target you. 

Young men please dress as masculine as 
possible for that is the only true way to be 

identified as a man.
 Oh oh and my personal favorite….

follow your dreams as long as your 

dreams involve being something that can 
grant you job security don’t worry if u don’t 

like it…
it pays the bills and that thing that 

you love to do you can do that on the 


WHY is finding ones self so heavily 

Why is the definition of success solely 

based on the amount of money you 

Why is the love between two ppl only 

declared right only because they conceive 
life naturally?

Why is it that we fight for the changing of 

laws and legislations we claim to be 

decades out of date yet a book that was 
written thousands of years ago still 

Why can’t I just be me 

and you be you 

and we all be ok with that?

-Alisha Bethel

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