We Gather Today…

I wanted to be a trendsetter

Inside, I knew of things that’s

Please and shock

Often questioned if this – want

Was due to my fear of being average

Or the fear of someone else view of my type of personality

Here lies the remains of

Trendsetter/Creative/Giver to all

Best known for pioneering

___________________ . . .
I wanted to be loved by all

Appreciated as an absolute stunner

Here lies the remains

Of who used to be the most beautiful


Stunning in every way possible.

I wanted to be naturally talented at everything  I touched

Genious, insanely talented

Dearly beloved we gather today to

Bury the prodigy of

Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Lauryn Hill, Albert Einstien….

Alas I am still very much unburied

As any of the following

And my average is so overwhelming

I decided- fuck it

As beautiful a flower in spring,

Will be as dead a one in winter

I am burying this mediocre thinking

No one will appreciate any of it till I’m gone ….

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