Wanting Out

I should want to be conservative
People watch me
Its my fault people are looking
Being myself is what causes me pain

I care too little about what others think I should care more for
I must give respect to people who don’t deserve it from me

Our relationship is only validated by other’s views of us

I wasn’t born to fit in.. But fit in as best as possible anyways

Be yourself
But the ‘your’self appropriate for others

I am too loud, too happy, too open, too loving, too free, too bare with me, too trusting, too hoping, too naïve, too raw, too innocent, too real, but real fake, too a adaptable, too attention seeking…

I miss the point but the point never misses me

I’m too fucked up and too past gone on everyone’s version of me….

Wanting out…

F r e e d o m  i s . . .

Fuck your version of me, of us, of them, of you. 

I want out.


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