o p e n [ p g 1 3]

When you said,

You wanted me to be open,

Did you mean,

Just on your bed with legs wide

Spread Eagle in your bed?



Like the web page you made but never finished….

Just sits there unlooked at…

Or did you mean like,
open in telling you the honest-to-goddess truth?
Open like heart-to-heart, soul-to-whatever/it/is/you/possess…


When you said you wanted to see where this was going to go,

Did you mean like a good detective

That’d search for every clue to find a means to an end,

Or a little boy playing cops and robbers with his friend,

Only he makes the rules,

And you must be the cop,

Cause I ain’t done nothing – but you’re brute force didn’t hold back.

One night, that I am glad I didn’t let run on –

Bye. You’ve had your 60 seconds of fame.

For the first time I am so glad you never remembered my real name.


An ode to you my shady ass lover…

One day they’ll ask who it was for,

Won’t know how to properly explain to them – someone named Jafar.


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