C a r e l e s s l y

So carelessly we run around,

Handing out love, our pride,

Our moments in life

To someone else.


We are em-joyed…

(Empowered with joy)

We mark them as the source and cling to them

Like the scent of tetrahydrocannabinol on a stoner’s fingertips …


But the joy, the bliss is so rich

When I focus on how happy I am to be so


Around you

And my joy is your joy amplified

And vice versa

Oh to dive deep

Into those waters

Those infinite beautiful waters

– – – – – – – – – –

To life each other up when down

To remind each other of our crowns

To work together and not against

To make love

And join hands in war

To treasure each moment of our self love’s

and self cares

To travel together

To teach each other

To be friends and family to each others family


To experience the genuine purity

of our here and now


I’ve only met him once,

but that I

carelessly want.


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