To Fall Short Of The Glory of God 

All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.



All knowing

Never changing 

Above and within you 

Yet we’ve fallen short

Of his/her glory
Made in the image 

Of God 

Yet we’ve fallen short of their glory 

Made to the likeness, even.

Wonder if god is 




To fall short of the glory of God 

But to have the ability of making

Them jealous 

Over where and how we spend our time 

Not giving back 

What was gifted to us

But God is a great and almighty 

And greater than the beings they require this of

Must be lonely being God 

Imagine going to greet the beings

Of light you love

And immaculately created 

Whom are to also create within the place 


Set and each time 

They do not recognise your voice 
But they do take

And they craft

You. Into idols

And worship You through them

But not out of love

But for the very thing quoted to oppose Your essence
God, why can I only see you 

In the eyes of children 

In the genuine kiss of lovers in spring

When I am six feet deep in pleasure of things

Claimed to be hedonistic 

Which I heard was against your rules

But God

You want happy loved up creations? 

Serving from a place of love and gratitude

Why is the idea of ‘sacrifice’. A hard pill to swallow. 

I have sinned 

And have fallen short 

Of the glory

Of the energy in inhabit.

Dear God…

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