Goddess to Girl | [2014=7 Snippet]

Little strange girl
You run around all day
Daydreaming of successes
You’d one day be too afraid
To achieve

Little Strange Girl
You talk to the ocean and the sky
In all their glory
Outside your house on the Ridge.

You speak to them
In the language of fairies
Writing your poetry in a book
You’d lose and cry for
When you get older and full of self-hate
Looking for a reminder of better times

Little strange girl, You were
Destined for greatness
If only you would have opened
Your eyes

Little girl whose strangeness
Knows no limits
You are born of salt air
Warm wind
Baked sand
Seasalt bubble bath waters

You will leave it someday
to follow your heart’s wishes

Little strange girl
You love flowers in your hair
You don’t know it yet, but you always will.

Little strange girl
I am writing to you
You’re now a strange woman, Quite beautiful too

Little strange girl
Who becomes strange woman
I am she,
The Psycho Goddess you grew up to be.

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