Dear Poets | [In The Mind…]

Dear Poets,

Are you done yet?
Day after day pouring

Are you done yet?
Telling every wombed man’s
(Whom fit the cap and wear it)
Story of too much care
But too little will power
And a strong desire
But weak emotional attire
To let that mutha-fuckin’
Bastard son-of-a-nother-tired-and-tested-and-tried-woman…

Are you done yet?
All of this data
Static white noise
Transformed into learned means
of communication
into strings of sentences
that form a world people
crave to immerse themselves in
just to escape
the world they’ve built…

Are you done yet?
Writing in lyrical patterns
Over emphasizing
to gain reaction
Saying things
Other’s are too
Afraid of their own shadows
To let alone
These moments, eras
of Vulnerability

Are you done yet?
Sulking over that one
Woman who was smart enough
to leave your consistent
And move away from her own growing pains

Are you done yet?
Preaching words of wisdom
Words of perceived and experienced
Passed on
In the most seductive ways
Received like an orgasm
In the heat of a tipsy summer night
With all the right strokes in all the right places
Only to be faintly remembered
As a good time
In their great moments book
Until you dare to
Reawaken their memory
Because this was a moment
Not just a lesson learnt for life…

Are you done yet?
P.S: Because I’m Not. . .

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