Calling Out

I am standing 

On the mountain 

With a Nokia 
I think I asked for a package

And I am still waiting 

For FedEx to deliver 

What was sent to me
Happiness and I 

Had a beautiful discussion 

Of what it really meant to me

And so I took it to the sky…
I said this

Happiness means a lot to me

And I want it in my life, 
I am calling

Positive friends and family, 

Positive places and scenes

Wealth and health, 
I am calling
Late summer nights that end with sighs

Filled with a romance 

With the same person who in the winter

Is the reason I am grateful for asking for consummate love

Instead of just a romance 
I am calling
The trust

The love

The open mindedness

The understanding 

The caring 

The intelligent

The supportive

The driven

The respectful and respected

The make-my-knees-tremble-has tag- wet handsome

The appreciating,

That I appreciate everyday we are together.
I am calling
The success of greatness 

That I intend to achieve – uh

Will achieve- um, no

Currently achieving

Defined by me
I am calling
That place to call mine,

I mean, ours.

Because I couldn’t have done it without you…
I am calling
The ability to take care of my close family

The financial option to shop at the

Really high priced- ugly clothes in stock-stores
I am calling
The giving back

To the charitable

And the not so charitable causes 

Because I can and I want to. 
I am calling 
The endless days of thanks and gratitude that I will have 

Because happiness will be, sorry is with me, every day. 
Now, could you please pick up the phone! 

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