Sporadic Ponder Prt. 2

Reaching, but for what? For who?
Drowning in the high tide of emotional
backup. Afriad to speak to myself
In the dark
Hoping to one day find that returned view. Somone to give me a spirit bomb,
Possibly help me escape
for good…

Longing to be away from everything
(Wishing on stars)
This place feels so weird to me. I feel like sometimes this is al completely pointless
Maybe being emotional is a sin
Is not passion an emotion? Is not joy?
but why must I be only ‘good’ emotions when other’s use their ‘bad’
ones on/towards/around/in me?

Standing on the brink of care-less and care-full
it’s less hope to be hope less but too full of hope to be hopeful…

Just chill. Just breathe. Remain calm. Everything will work out. Nothing to stress over.

But how can i just sit.
Just chill.
Just worry about only me, but not worry about only me?

Balancing self centered with selfless…

Selfless is to serve self less
Being helpful is to be full of help and needless.

But what about me? – What about me?

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