Two Books Better Than Yesterday

Firstly – Thank You! To all who supported, encouraged, questioned how and why and challenged me to reach for more.

Quick Note Into the background of the writing of these books…

I made it my mission to enter 2014 with a mission. I wanted to take myself as an artist more seriously than ever. So, the month of December 2013 I set out a list of things I really wanted to achieve within 2014.

My first book ‘2014 = 7‘ (The Journey to Self Love) came out last year February 14th – officially a year old ( <.< It’s been over a year already?!)  That was written to commemorate the humble beginnings, hardships then finally the daily reminders that are like mantras in the journey to knowing self and loving what you know.

I have now embarked on a second book a year later that I began end of last year. Completely different feel and process to ‘2014 = 7’. ‘In The Mind of A Psycho Goddess‘ released yesterday – April 21st 2015 (as promised) – is sporadic poetry of all of the images that my inner child and inner goddess found to sit and come up with.

You can click on the links  or are the links to my efforts sown a year ahead and reaped with the dawn of the new year:

2014 = 7   & In The Mind of A Psycho Goddess 

2014 = Goddess

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