My King

Clay powder
Water mix
Make new putty
To be shaped
Given much attention,
Until completion of creation

Pokes and prods,
Slight mishaps
Adding more powder
More water
More spin

Air dried
Placed into a furnace
Heat covered every inch of the inner, outer and in between
Then handed to me. . .

I waited – not so patiently

Inner child squeals with joy
Adult stares in disbelief
Inner goddess breathing sighs of relief

Is it you?

It’s you

My King

The one I will stand by
To rule the kingdom we are to build
The one who is beautifully crafted
just for me
By the King of kings

That beautiful brown skin
Them naps and curls
Those beautifully shaped lips
That intense stare you give,
Like you’ll always mean business
Playful smile that breaks my heart – just a little
The crown you wear that I see so visible
The seeker of knowledge and wisdom that you are
Makes me so proud to be your Queen


How long it took for you to get to me

All the things you’ve had to endure
You’ve even got a matching chip on your inner

He said I could keep you
Under one condition
I must unconditionally love until forever goes missing

I wanted to keep so
I made my promise
Now I’ve kept my promise
And here you are My King

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