Still Scrubbing

I work with any soap and cloth

Trying to rid myself of the regret
The bitter tastes left in my mouth
Restore the tears lost in transit
Find a scalpel to help remove
The scales that are old and worn and used


I have let in those undeserving


of me


My flesh
My time
My energy
My mind

My love…

I am still scrubbing away
Trying to erase the past and with every scrub
It feels like dirt keeps crawling back in the same spot

Twilight Zone

I am still scrubbing off the lies
Told to me to break me
To heat me like metal to bend at their will
Oh and how I bent and shaped and moulded

I am still scrubbing

Wanting to be something
Fresh and cool
Straight out of the pack…

For the one who truly had deserved
The clean, smooth silk
Instead of second hand raggidy anne

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