I genuinely believe,
That I’ve lost my fucking mind…

Woke up,
Had a shower,
Rushed around,
Worried about things,
I don’t care about,
Returned home,
Tried to recognise myself in the mirror…

There I was,
Same strangely beautiful face
That could only belong to a crazy person,
Cause I’m sure I inhabit this body…
Feels weird to me…

I am sure ….
I’ve gone bat-shit crazy…

I thought I needed approval from others,
Went to work because I was told I needed a job,
Stopped questioning everything and began just swimming along,
I fell in love then beat myself up cause I wasn’t happy,
Because I used this body the way the ‘manual’ told me I should…

I went so fucking crazy….
I mean I am…
Wait was I and came back or am I now and was then….

I find the lake on the sun
I may stay in the land of images
My mind conjurs…

I’ve gone crazy,
Will be back soon.


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