You Should Know…

You asked why I allowed you to touch me,
I couldn’t find a reason 
That didn’t sound 
With lyrics from the maple syrup sweet rapper,
or extracted from the leaflets of a sparked nickle…

Being in your company is the most natural thing to me
And I don’t have to explain myself
I’m not expecting
The life you’ve inspired into existence 
To halt and alter shape to include me in

I am beyond content with taking
The stray moments that impriint themselves
On me without forced connection

One day my emotions will 
Flow in the direction of another lake
And this section of stream will take on another meaning
But for now
The gentle petals that often brush 
Against my skin
with an affection
that deny’s your mental laws
send me straight into the sweetest 
melting chocolate dream state
And I awake feeling as refreshed 
As morning sunshine on a lazy Sunday

I often chastise myself
for not just keeping myself to myself
but to live my life in regret
of not soaking in these satisfying moments  which 
will comfort me in the silver days
would be a bigger battle

And I apologize for my expectations…
Although this apology is more for me,
i thought you should know…
I’ve sat and pondered 
what is was I expected
As I come up with blank thoughts
i just wish you knew
exactly what i gain from even
10 minutes alone with you.

The celestial bodies have sung 
praises to the waves emitted
From our connection
And understand and I have…
that this as most things, has an end.

Now, for your return to your throne
To rule your daily kingdom
Of this physical life… 

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