Survivor To Survivor

Staring into your eyes…
Open your soul wide
Touch you, inside beyond the facade
Of caring and instituted laws
Your imagination roars
Wild and free to be at one with me

It’s too personal you see
This intimate space still feels 
Too public for the strangely
Familiar intimacy

I blush at the 
Brashness of this invisible 
Intimate touch

I laugh and joke
Mentally, I am prisoner of ego
I work to escape 
You seem to have a hold of me

Watch it

As I feel I am about to unleash 
These windows of mine
Have betrayed
My mind’s speech

Want to let go 
And act upon a more
Primal hunger
Deep within
I want to soak the
Ends of your mind’s eye
With every word I
To Speak
Give up 
All of my knowledge
As a gift
Your’s to keep
As if I need to share it
As if it’s going extinct

I want to kiss away the drapes
You use to block off those
Cobb Webbed wounds
You refuse to seek and air out
To heal
Using only language 
To me.

I don’t even want to
Move and let my fingers
Because it 
Could not
Even match the 
Sensation of 
When our
Iris’ meet…



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