Midnight Storytelling

Hi, I’m Chelsea and I am an addict.

Group:hiiii Chelsea…

I’ve been sober now for … Two minutes and counting.


As I awaited the bus
Ready to fit and fuss
I found a temporary friend
And a means to an end…
–end of poem interlude–

Sooo I found this amazing paper that encouraged persons to write a sentence and have it strung along to make a story and be finished by other people.

Some took it seriously, some took it seriously wrong… But I decided to give a very amazingly random ending altogether. *cough* added a bit extra too*cough**cough*


The shadows danced like demented spirits… – Maria Fidelis

I’m French.

Hello I am Dennis from Denmark and I like Prostitutes.

Necesitaba un Bic “gracias”.

My String of the story…

As Dennis from Denmark danced with the shadows, the French kissed the Spanish – who thanked him with a ‘Grassy Ass’ … And the Bahamian (from the Bahamas) ran back to the sun.

… Cannot wait to see what @_tellatale has added next…

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