The Overly Vivid Dream

I had a dream that you were in Wednesday night…

We were both wearing white shirts with jeans

You were as tall as you always are

I, with braids in my hair, and a pair of tennis…


We were with a group,

We then ended up going the same way

Leaving the group to get to our various destinations


We were catching the same [train] DLR

Towards Greenwich

This scene was not the same –

It felt and looked like a continuation of a previous dreamed I’d had before.


It was almost Apocalyptic timing…

This was like THE LAST train…


We were walking through a corridor

Needed to catch the lift to get to the platform…

It smelled like shit…

I could smell it in my dream..

It was smeared on the walls…

I just kept on looking to you…

Walking as confidently as I could make everyone around think I was…


We got into the lift and it was filled with only men…

They were really intensly big…

So I looked at you to tell you we needed to act a little…

So we held hands,

You held onto my waist to pretend we were together…

The guys started getting rowdy..

and I was trying to stop them beat you up

– and you were trying to stop them from raping me


We then ran to catch this train

You pushed me on

I used my body to try keeping the doors open

To get you on…

Your face changed, you became another person – but still the same…

I finally got you in

You landed in the train on top of me

I was crying


We just stayed there

We couldn’t move

This train was packed..

People were standing on top of each other to fit in


Then I woke up

–      Chelsea R. Blues



The next day I told you my dream…

“You love me.”

You said playfully…

The truth is – you are someone that gives me hope, when I feel like everything is crumbling. 

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