Whose Shoulders Do You Stand On?

As an artist of any kind you are meant to do research into your inspirations and have ideas of what you want to focus on for your immediate and future practice. 

I have had many questions that I just haven’t answered. 

After reading the book A Director Prepares by Anne Bogart I got to thinking about the question she asked herself along her journey: Whose Shoulders Do I Stand On?

I am from The Bahamas. I am a female artist. Who does what I do? Who has ‘made it’? Who has tried? What are their methods? What makes them stand out? Are they female or male or in between?  Do they have to have a specificity about them for them to stand out? Because I don’t know about them does that mean they aren’t someone whose shoulders I can/should stand on – or is it just that I haven’t done my research well?

I then ask myself the same questions about my own practice… I seem at times to not know what it is I am striving for… 

What will make ME stand out? Should someone want to stand on MY shoulders when I’ve ‘made it’? 

I came to the conclusion that it’s not just Sydney Poitier and Janine Antoni whose shoulders I have to stand upon and push my efforts higher- but the ones that didn’t leave the island and stuck it out to use their talent in whatever quantity they were able to give. Those that still strive to entertain a seemingly hopeless and non-receiving audience. 

I go on to research more into the shoulders of whom I use to build an empire of experience and hope. 

Determination of A Psycho Goddess. 

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