Reasons For Inspiration

Moving onto the second term in the second year of university, and we are doing a photography project.

In this project we look at one source of inspiration and choose a photo they’ve done to replicate in our own creative way. These are self portraitures. 
We get a ‘menu’ of artists to choose from and who do I choose? Of course – the one Bahamian performance/photography artist. Janine Antoni. 
The first question that was asked: why Did I stay close to home rather that choosing an artist from another culture. My answer was that to be honest it was that what we had in common stemmed farther than the fact that we were from the same country. 
Point of inspiration is important. Choosing something you can either relate to or exploring something you seek to understand are both good ways to begin when dealing with my choices.
The question was easy to answer but now lodged into the back of my mind, the little fairies that live there begin working on ideas to play with the photo I intend to re-create. 
Shall I interpret it in the way it’s meant to be felt – in my own perspective – or shall I use my interpretations  to create a new feel… 
What if the poses of the self portraiture are changed and the face is gone? What if I incorporate other aspects of other photos she has done to create new aspects to the photo… 
How can I incorporate our similarities into the piece? 
What if I have played this too safe…
Decisions decisions … Oh the life of an artistic Psycho Goddess. 

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