Mid Week Check In – Progress

I am a human first before female, woman, daughter, artist. This means then, that I am capable of fear, of losses and wins, of success and failure, of mistakes and make-ups. 

As an artist, I find my driving force fear. I see it, I battle whether to face it or not, I create to run away and to conquer it – I show my work. What does this have to do with progress? 
I found that ‘biting the bullet’ does not always mean going numb to the pain and pushing on to face another day. It means conquering your fear of possible success and allowing yourself to be free in your journey. Don’t set limitations over the one’s every ‘trial’ has. 
That’s what I did this year. I made progress. I began writing  a book the week before the New Year and finished it within the first week within the year. I made myself face the subject matter that is most hard to show – one’s soul – and then did what scares me most making the opportunity a wide open possibility. 
2014 = 7 – Coming Soon… 
Other fears to conquered… also coming soon! 
See you then! 

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