Hello I Am….

This post is a bit more ‘spiritual’ than others. If you are offended by the words God, Universe, Love, Him/Her, Being, Spirit etc… check out my other posts instead. 

‘Hello. I am..” 
Re-introducing Himself to me all the time, I seem to have found a better way of communicating with God as time goes on. 
As I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, I suddenly began to do one of my famous traits – give a speech. This is both loved and hated by all of my friends, but when I feel to say one – I must. 
Friend: “I have no other choice but to just sit back and let God do what He wants.”

Me: “I hear you. But do remember you still have to ask – that’s how ‘Free Will’ works.”
Friend: “Lol. Well I don’t believe in free will but I do believe in choices! And so far God in His thoughts never failed me. I just need patience.” 
Me: “That’s true.”
Friend: “Listening to Eckhart Tolle lately…”
Me: “Power of Now?”
Friend: “Yes mam. Z.L got me into it!” 
Me: “Oh wow. Nice one. How are you liking it?”
Friend: “Lines up a lot with what I learned after I left the church. He calls it the universe, I call it the one God.”
[Here’s where i feel the speech senses tingle!]
Me: “Universal Love covers us all… This is the true God.The one God. That re-introduces themself all the time along our life’s journeys.”
Friend: “Indeed.”
Me: “That’s more written to you  – but for myself. lol”
Friend: “So we both have something to keep in mind!”
Me: [very much into my tangent of speech…] I love it when God re-introduces Himself to me…
First He was a scary guy in the sky DEMANDING to be loved and feared. Then He became someone to talk to when alone by myself. Now he is the most humorous comedian I know; whom is also a problem solver. A protector and a guide. Now this year I ask myself – how will He re-present Himself ?” 
Friend: “You should write a book.”
If it weren’t for the fact that this person genuinely appreciates my speech moments – I think they were suggesting that I was saying a bit much or ‘COOL Story Bro!’ … o.o 
It is true though. God seems to always re-introduce Himself to me. 
Who is God, ‘the universe’, that Universal Love’, The Creator, Mr./Mrs. Alpha & Omega to you? 
Thoughts of the Psycho Goddess. 

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