There are many of you who won’t have any idea who or what sackboy is or means. 

To gamers: he is a little character made of potatoe sacks that is quite badass in tekken.
To my crew: this is a lifestyle. 
This word/phrase means to live on faith. To just ‘stop caring’ essentially – about other’s negative thoughts of you – and just free fall into whole hearted living. 
Speak honestly. Every action is truthful. You wait for no one who isn’t ready. You believe in the now. 
Going ‘sackboy’ is neither good or bad. It just is. You just live and be. Mean everything you say and do. 
It’s admitting that we all pretend sometimes and we all have times when we are uncomfortable and we just want to be ourselves. 
It’s then wearing your vulnerability cloak but without the second hand thoughts and the fear of criticism. 
Be you. Enjoy every aspect of being you. If you make a mistake, forgive you and move on. 
In my art work I sometimes censor myself. Mostly to please my mother of she is going to see it; or if someone sees a ‘flaw’ in it as they fail to understand the grounding of it. Most times with my art that’s when I sackboy. 
It’s my art for me and directed towards those that can relate and hear the words that lie beneath everything I produce. 
Take at least one hour everyday to just be you – at times when you think you need to pretend or ‘be good’ the most. 
Dedicated to Le Sackboy Crew. 

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