Fear of Success

Somehow I manage to sabotage myself, every time I am extremely close to my goals/blessings.

It’s almost as if I am a glutton for punishment.
This comes from a very negative-positive minded thinking. You may wonder how this is possible. Well the conversation in my head goes a bit like:
Oh, I know I can sing and well – but I’m not sure I am good enough to begin. Maybe after I get some lessons (( to which I never get))
I really want to create a show about self appreciation. ( I give reasons like no money, who would participate, who would come)
Having the ideas and seeing that they are possible – but somehow shutting myself down with these ‘excuses’ and not sharing them with others to see where these ideas could go or even how I could get helping doing them.

This is an aside to self – get your ish together. Just let it flow.

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