Nomadic Return

While on the plane on my return to England – in my nomadic quest for dreams and acceptance – these were some of the thoughts running through my mind:

The clouds began to remind me of the waves on the sea yesterday.
Big huge masses that seemed to tumble into each other as if in playful moods.
From peach to dark blue –
the hues of blue all in between start to rise –
as if waking with levels of songs or
praise of being born on the sky.
Seeing a shooting star while flying
#amazing night flights are life✈
Welcome Back – the cloud kingdom reached out to me
While I believe that the  guy on the side of me either thinks I am extremely hideous or is really afraid of  flying.
He totally doesn’t have his sheet over his head since I sat down…
1943 – leish’s old numbr?
In The Mind of a Psycho Goddess… These things ponder on my mind.


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