Mid Week Check In

The Secret, The Alchemist, The Bible…

Self appreciation books…
Ideas of play, ritual, being, vulnerability, belief… 
These are things I read, interact with and make present I’m my life. 
After coming to a drama uni – I found that art requires loads of time and energy and focus and I battled those three all the time. 
Too much energy and no idea how to harness it. Time management which was absolute crap. And focus-God knows I can distract my own self by staring into nothingness. 
I also found that self appreciation, play, ritual belief, being, vulnerability and the law of attraction are EVER present in art. Whether you learn it or it is innate to you. 
Self belief and self help are the basis of a good artist. You have to believe that YOU are good enough to be seen/heard/etc. You have to help yourself to get out there nothing is done for you- or at least everything is done for you ( God/universe moves mountains around what you aspire ad what you aspire works in relation to someone else who’s aspirations are parallel to yours). 
I assure you – making the first steps are the hardest I battle with them also – but once I do- it’s scary and rewarding. 
Who doesn’t love a little adventure in their life? To you and a note to self: GET crackin’!

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