I always become aware
Of the sounds and textures
Before I am able to taste, smell and see
When I rise from slumber
The sounds of footsteps or cars
Of birds greeting the morning god
Of water running in the bath
Of the clock ticking in my head
The feel of the pillow beneath my head
The cold of the phone beside me
The softness of my skin against the softness of the sheets entangled around me.
Then comes the smell of food,
Of the perfume that lingers in my room.
Smell of shower gels and shaving creams
Smell of bacon… Wait…
No, that one is just my dream.
The taste of slight morning breathe
Come from a mouth out of use
During sleep
The sight then comes as I agree with my brain to fully awaken
Light breaks into the dark of my room
I am half staring at pillow and wall.
I look over shoulder and see my laptop
I am alone.
It’s time to get up and dress.
The morning has already begun,
I am behind and I must catch up,
because mornings don’t last very long.
– Celeste.

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